Bosch was the biggest client at one of the agencies that I worked for at which I was the sole designer responsible for all of their marketing materials.

Bosch Annual Report

This is a digital illustration that was created to be placed on the front cover of the Bosch Annual Report.

Bosch Spark Plug

Bosch Spark Plug Illustration

The illustration above was placed on the 2001 Bosch Corporation Annual Report.


Bosch Advantage

The Bosch Advantage is a monthly newsletter that are distributed to businesses nationwide that carry Bosch products. These newsletters highlight new innovations and featured products.

Bosch Advantage

Bosch Advantage

Bosch Packaging

These are 2002 Bosch brake pads and shoes packaging.



Bosch 75

These badges and seals were designed to be placed on packaging and brochures to celebrate Bosch’s 75 years of Diesel Innovations.

Bosch Diesel

Bosch Diesel Pump Illustration

Bosch Diesel