Month: September 2014

Logos, business cards and promotional mug mock-up for NetSpace computer retailer. Additional logos and card layouts.  ...

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NetSpace (2004)

Logo and business card designs for a local Japanese fusion restaurant Below are mock-ups of how the logo will look on the restaurant windows.  ...

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Swordfish (2003)

Black Velvet

These are the Black Velvet trade materials that were created to be distributed at the Barton Liquors trade show booth for their popular product, Black...

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Black Velvet (2003)

Wrist Racers

These are packaging design concepts for Tootsie Toy’s Wrist Racers toy. Client’s request was for a card back packaging design that include...

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Wrist Racers (2003)

Thor's Table Tent

This table tent was created to be used in restaurants’ and bars’ table tops. It highlights the product winning the 2001 Monde Selection Go...

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Thor’s Hammer Vodka (2002)

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